Web and Social Media Strategies That Sell


Every company is in a race with competitors for profit.  And every company is driven by at least one sales and marketing engine, or funnel.

Just like automotive racing greats like Caroll Shelby or Chip Foos, we believe that the fastest, most efficient marketing and sales engine will win every profit race.

The company with the best and most efficient system for prospecting for new business, that touches, educates and builds a relationship of trust with prospects, that best closes new sales opportunities, and that best builds a passionate relationship with customers and clients wins the profit race.

At BtoBStrategies we tweak,  tune up and overhaul company sales engines.  We combine a lifetime of professional experience in highly competitive  markets with the latest social media and web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies, and apply a cold-hearted adherence to testing for best results.

Sure, we “do” awesome websites and we “do” cool social media, advertising, email, direct mail, mobile/text marketing and public relations campaigns.  We even do lead generation programs for our clients that need it.

But what sets BtoBStrategies apart from our competitors is that as experienced and accomplished sales and marketing executives, we really know how to prospect and sell, whether face to face, BtoB, or online.  And we know how to develop unbeatable sales engines, or funnels for our clients. We know how to help fill your sales team’s sales funnel with prospects, how to keep the prospects engaged, how to get them to know, like and trust your company, help you close your customers, and how to keep in touch with them so they come back to by more and more from your company.

Do this and your sales team spends more time closing warm prospects, and less wasted time running around passing out business cards or cold-calling strangers.  We help you build your marketing and sales engine to be more efficient, close business faster, sell more to existing customers.  And leave your competition in the dust.

No matter how competitive your industry or how big or small your company, when you have the best marketing and sales engine, you convert  more cold website traffic, webinar attendees, or  trade show visitors  into prospects and clients with more sales productivity.  And leave your competition in the dust.

Once you inject internet, social media and traditional media traffic into a finely-tuned marketing and sales engine that has been tweaked and optimized through testing, it is like injecting nitrous and rocket fuel into a race car.  You win the race for profits.  And leave your competitors in the dust.

Is your company’s marketing and sales engine in need of an overhaul, a tune-up or a tweak, or could it just a good injection of extra traffic and prospects?

Call Michael Chapman today, (214)764-6315 and we’ll show you how you can win your race to profits.