Stalking Your Sales Prospects 24/7 with Remarketing

Ever meet somebody once at an event, only to keep bumping into him or her, no matter where you seem to go?

Bump into the wrong person and it can feel downright creepy.  Bump into someone with common interests and it just might be the start of a great relationship.

So it is with prospecting.  It isn’t realistic for your sales force to stalk every sales prospect wherever they go.  Even if it were affordable and your salesforce were willing, the prospect would probably take out a restraining order.

We can show you how incredibly affordable and effective it for us to set up an ad campaign that  follows only those visitors who have ever visited your web pages or clicked on an your online ads or clicked through a social media site or your YouTube channel.   This type of campaign is called remarketing.  We can silently stalk your visitors and sales prospects for months if necessary and serve up your company’s ads that appear only to these prospects whenever they visit other websites.

It takes dozens of impressions before a website visitor takes action.  If you’re counting on your website alone to generate prospects, the odds are it won’t happen very often.

If we develop a remarketing campaign to stalk your visitors for you, they’ll get dished up dozens of ad impressions over time.  When they have a need they’ll take action and reach out to your sales team.  More warm prospects at lower cost.  And no restraining orders.  Not too many companies use remarketing but it really is an affordable stealth sales weapon.  And those that utilize remarketing don’t like to talk about it because it is so darn effective.

Contact Michael Chapman today at 214-764-6315 if you are interested in learning more about how our retargeting campaigns and how we can stalk your sales prospects for you and help increase your sales.  If you don’t feel like  reaching out now, then just click on one of our ads that will be following you around…